Sullivan Home Pro

Sullivan Home Pro provides expert kitchen remodeling services.

If you are upgrading a kitchen we can help. We can reface cabinets. If you require an all new kitchen cabinets as well as the installation of counter tops and flooring. we can provide a full service.

Investing in a kitchen remodel is definitely worthwhile, finance professionals have stated that maximum yields are attained through a kitchen remodel. With the average return on investment for a kitchen remodel being around 90% it's definitely an investment worthwhile.

Your kitchen is typically the busiest and the most important room in your home. A functional and stylish kitchen design is a must. The kitchen is both a gathering place and an entertainment room. It's also a place of inspiration for the ambitious chef of the house. This is why we believe your kitchen space should be designed to be comfortable, welcoming while always reflecting the personality of the individual homeowner.

At Sullivan Home Pro we can handle everything from demolition, plumbing, electrical, framing, carpentry and the flooring. We can effectively eliminate the need to hire multiple contractors saving you time and money. Contact us now to discuss your kitchen remodeling needs.

kitchen design to suit your personality